Theory 3

Alien life


Many people actually believe in aliens. Those people are often called crazy, or nut jobs. But it is actually more crazy to not believe in aliens. What I believe is that aliens visited our planet long ago,after they traveled from thousands of light years after they went into a wormhole that came into our galaxy. There are many pieces of evidence that the G.D.C.A.E.B (Global Defense Center Against Extra terrestrial Beings) have covered up to prevent people from trying to communicate since they are not sure if the aliens are hostile or not. But I know they are friendly and are considered our "alien siblings" because how similar we are to them.I currently believe that the aliens are inhabiting a planet in a neighboring solar system and are trying to communicate to us since with their high tech radio wave sensors pick up the radio waves we give off even if we are light years away. So you can say what my fellow Theorist Max says "our alien Brethren are trying to contact us"