Theory 2

What is the Bermuda Triangle?


Most people know about the Bermuda triangle. It is a mysterious triangle that reaches from florida to bermuda and puerto rico. But it is rumored that ships and planes that enter through the bermuda triangle never come out. Many scientists think it is due to the clouds that are capable of brining down planes and ships, But I think that the bermuda triangle is a portal to another world. The reason planes and ships get lost is that the portal has a strong magnetic force capable of throwing off compasses and communication devices. The magnetic field only has a reach of the triangle but it gets stronger as you get closer to the center. The tracking technology is lead to the center by magnetic force where the magnetic force is so strong its like a constant EMP which can turn off the ships and planes permanantly. Then the ships get caught in the center which is a giant whirlpool. They get sucked in and then they travel to a different world millions of light years away. We do not know what happens to the people because we have yet to know if the planet they teleport to is habitable planet or not. But we do know that the planet must be huge because of the immense electromagnetic waves it gives off even through an intergalactic portal. The Bermuda will still remain a mystery for a while.

the song you hear while traveling in the portal