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Welcome to Ethan's conspiracy theories. Here you will be and I cannot stress this enough entering my mind. this is where you will learn the whole truth of the world and maybe even the future of the universe.

Why does Jack look like Mark zuckerberg?


It is obvious that Jack looks Like Mark Zuckerberg He has the same hair, Eye color, head shape and smile. Could it be that Jack is actually Mark Zuckerbergs Child? Or could it be that Jack is his clone who is meant to takeover facebook after Mark dies? That's what an average run of the mill theorist would think. But what I think is that jack is one of many clones who is actually a synthetic human sent to stop for an upcoming war against the AI that gains control of the world. While Jack make look squishy and weak, He is able to pick up a truck with ease. And Jack is meant to protect the commander of the resistance while they are still young because the AI are trying to kill them to win the war. I know this because one time I saw jack in the bathroom eating a sandwich. his eyes were glowing red and there was black stuff in there. He threw it away and left, but I checked the sandwich and do you know what the black stuff was? OIL!!! PURE OIL!!! which proves that Jack is a cyborg created by Mark Zuckerberg which is why Jack looks like Mark Zuckerberg.